Dr. Sven Eckardt

Tel +49 7034 27 93 25

Consultant for energy efficiency, quality improvement and environmental standards for hotel and spa hotels, industry and service companies, schools and public administrations.
Has carried out numerous energy efficiency audits and EMAS projects, large knowledge of project management, expert interviews, setup of workshops and staff training. » more

Lothar T. Heinke

Tel +49 7725 91 723 48

Consultant for quality and environmental issues in hotels, restaurants, catering and spa businesses and for regional tourism
Our coach for quality improvement and management consultant, very familiar with "Wellness Star" certification and hotel classification.
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Alejandro Hidalgo

Tel +34 60 99 08 221

Your coach for hotel staff training including all departments concerning energy efficiency awareness, climate protection, fire prevention, health and safety issues, quality and environmental management.
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Julia Köhler - Eckardt Consulting

Julia Köhler

Tel +49 7033 53 41 929

Assistant to the board, project management, your contact person concerning appointment requests and help desk.