Our guiding philosophy

Sustainable – credible – ecological and happy to assist you

Our mission

Together with you and according to your wishes we will develop and design your business to make it sustainable, future-proof, cost-saving, energy-efficient, resource-conserving and environmentally friendly. It is important to us that you take great pleasure and success in our consulting and that all of your staff members are motivated to learn optimized procedures and to bring new strategic aims into life.

Our guarantee of quality

We provide service out of conviction and we are driven by the desire to act sustainably. We have achieved the service quality standard "Quality I" and we have set ourselves the aim to improve continuously according to our own quality management. Each of us sets out to fulfil this quality at all time. You, your team and your business are important to us, and we take care of you: in a friendly, trustworthy, competent and professional manner and always with clear targets. We would like to assist you to find solutions, improvements and customers' requirements and to cope with your daily business challenges.

Our consulting is based on values such as awareness of responsibility, conservation of resources, trustworthiness, authenticity and sustainability. Especially in these times of rapid changes and the focus on short-term profitability it is our strong belief that by upholding these values we will guarantee the thriving of your and our business. Personal integrity, respectfulness and reliance are very important to us. Being your trusted consultants we take our time to provide you with detailed and individual advice. Starting from the first idea up to its implementation we team up with you and your staff, and by ensuring transparent communication, fairness and loyalty we offer you a long-term relationship. Our consultant fee will always be adjusted to your requirements and the actual scope of services in a fair and reasonable manner. This applies particularly for small businesses, which have grown especially dear to us over the last few years.

We are proud to serve.